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Projet Plume

Projet Plume is a sorting and organizing service that takes the physical and mental burden off your shoulders.

Reconnect with yourself
and live more serenely.

Physical clutter is often synonymous with mental clutter: when you feel that everything is too much, it’s high time to sort it out.

Sorting means listening to your needs and understanding where your true nature lies.

Sorting means putting your energy back into what’s essential: yourself ❤️.

“I couldn’t find my job,
he found me… 3 times”.

Helping a friend

September 2020, a friend calls me for help, her house is stressing her. I create a plan of action for her and the two of us sort out her house in one weekend. "You should make it your job" she says. Three months later, I launch Projet Plume. 

Plume (Feather) because I want to bring lightness to the world, to make it soft and bright. Projet (Project) because everything starts with an idea that we develop.

My expertise

I have been tidying and optimizing my work spaces for more than 18 years: catastrophic spaces and inventories, I tidy up to see things more clearly and work more efficiently.

"Facing" in supermarkets, small stocks in jewelry stores, huge stocks in ready-to-wear stores: these 18 years in the field have been the best school for learning the benefits of organization and optimization.

my burnout

I know the power of sorting over a life from having experienced it in the past.

Sorting out my house was literally sorting out my inner house.

Sorting was the way back to me.

Learning to reconnect with myself, understanding what makes me happy, finding myself. I am finally aligned, it is clear, everything fits.