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December 15, 2022

RTBF - WEB - Tendance Première

Meals and gifts: how to spend
an eco-responsible Christmas in 2022

December 12, 2022

RTBF - Radio - Tendances Première
Les Tendanceurs

Lots of ideas for a sustainable Christmas!
With Mélanie Guisset

Mélanie Guisset offers us some ideas for a sustainable Christmas. Find the list and the links of the ideas mentioned via her insta : Torrefactory, Swity, Great Granola, swookies, mon bouillon, Qoqliqo, Siprès, Makesenz, Jadys Cosmetics, Rachel Di Pinto, Andrew Micom, Julie B, Projet Plume, Kalani Home, Napas, Tiroir de Lou.

September 6, 2022

FLAIR - WEB - Maison & Déco

“What to do with the plastic bags
that accumulate?”

March 21, 2022


Projet Plume is invited to celebrate
the “World Office Storage Day”.

January 19, 2022

RTBF - TV - On n'est pas des pigeons

Tidying up challenge with the team.

January 16, 2022

LN24 - TV - #CauseToujours, la matinale
épisode 109 : Corpore Sano

Projet Plume is invited on the set of Brigitte Weberman, in the column of Hélène Feuillat, coach and corporate trainer to talk about lightness at the beginning of the year.


December 11, 2021

RTBF - Radio - Vivacité - Super Nanas

In a relaxed atmosphere, Sara De Paduwa, Ophélie Fontana, Fanny Jandrain and Livia Dushkoff put the spotlight on remarkable women in the news. Super Nanas is an up-to-the-minute, smiling and caring show that doesn’t just talk to women…

First radio for Projet Plume, interviewed to make discover this extraordinary job that is the Home Organizing.