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Organize your life &
get your energy back!

Projet Plume, your professional sorting and organizing service that transforms your spaces and your everyday life.

Projet Plume in the belgian press, FLAIR magazine – mai 2023 

Caroline est souriante et porte à bras une pile de jeux de sociétés colorés

Hi ! I’m Caroline, decluttering coach and I looove what I do 🙂

Welcome to a world dedicated to the art of tidying and organization, where every space finds its balance and every object its place.

I'm Caroline Biquet, professional organizer (Home Organizer) with over 15 years of experience to offer you. With a devoted passion for well-being and objects, I'm committed to accompanying you in your quest for serenity.

My goal is simple: to help you regain energy and control of your life, by transforming your home using my customized sorting and organizing method.

Based in Brussels, I offer my services in the capital but also throughout Belgium. Browse through my services and let yourself be guided towards a more orderly and fulfilling daily life.

Bye mental load 🙂

Decluttering your home

Your home is you: if it's overflowing and some spaces are driving you crazy, it's time to make some choices and get back to basics: you ❀.

Together, we'll analyze your situation and find THE solution best suited to your daily needs.

Digital decluttering

The computer is your 2nd brain, so you might as well use it optimally and efficiently to help you in your day-to-day work.

- Organize your folders et favorites ;
- Rethink your company tree ;
- Optimize your workspace;
- Organize your mailbox.

Personal organization

Is your to-do list never-ending and your daily routine lacking in clarity?
Feeling scattered and overwhelmed by the mental load?

Family, personal or business organization, tell me what's bothering you and we'll organize it for you 🙂
un stock de magasin pas organisé avec des étagÚres métalliques et des boites en de toutes tailles.

Workspace optimization

Are your stocks and storage spaces overflowing?
Do you waste time finding your stuff?
Do you dread inventories?

It's time to create an efficient workspace for yourself, for less mental workload and, above all, more sales!

Corporate workshops

For the well-being of your employees I offer workshops.

chose "How to free up space to free up your mental load?"

What is your theme?

“This morning , I went back to see my office, and I said to myself “ah yes it’s there, ready to welcome me! And when you walk into the laundry room, you’re surprised 😆.

I’m so glad I decided to call on you!”


désordre avant


rangement aprĂšs



{ under construction }

How I discovered I was proud of myself

Today, I can finally say it: I’m proud of myself. And yet, it took me a long time to be able to say these words out loud and feel them in their place, vibrating inside me.

Caroline est souriante, assise au sol et regarde avec amusement les dizaines de tupperwares qui jonchent le sol

How I organize my tupperware cupboard

What I discovered through my burnout​

"Yes but no" Daring to say no when you don't feel aligned