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Projet Plume is about lightness.

What better way to celebrate it than to create collaborations to express it in all its forms? 

Special formula for shopkeepers

Diagnosis from A to Z

with Julie from Window Academy

Designed for shopkeepers, this formula brings together a pair of experts: Julie from Window Academy, the specialist in window displays and visual merchandising, and Caroline from Projet Plume, the coach in inventory and workspace organization. In 3 hours, we will diagnose your entire store* and create a fiery action plan. 
One goal: a store and sales ON FIRE!

*store = window + cash register + sales area + inventory.

Julie Window Academy

Bathroom & skin formula

return to self diagnosis

with Emmanuelle from Ydrosia

We combine our two expertises to create a tailor-made bathroom/skin diagnosis for you: 

– sort, take inventory, find the basics and essentials, relearn the right gestures to take care of yourself, access a healthy and natural routine.

– 2 hours to analyze the organization of your storage space with PROJET PLUME, but also the contents of your drawers and your beauty kit with YDROSIA, the pioneer of the light beauty routine.

You'll leave with:
- an action plan for organizing your space and making the most of it
- a list of containers and other purchases to make (if necessary)
- Personalized beauty tips to help you regain a beautiful skin and better understand it
- a list of essentials for a natural bathroom
- your newfound self-confidence ❤️.

Have you found your happiness?

Call me and we'll discuss it 🙂